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Hi, I'm Walt Venable, a software engineer and geodesic dome enthusiast. My interest in domes started in the 1980’s and took off when I helped organize a “Bucky for Kids” festival in San Diego in 1995. I moved to Farmington, Maine in the fall of 2021 with my beloved wife Bernice, a talented fiber artist and vegan chef. We had spent the previous 5 years touring the country in a custom tiny house on wheels, carrying our signature smart car in the back.

Geodesic domes were developed and popularized by the late designer R. Buckminster Fuller. They have been used for such spectacular structures as the US Pavilion at the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal, the big aluminum ball at Disney's Epcot Center in Florida, and for countless dome homes and other buildings around the world.

Here's what you'll find at Walt's Dome Page:

About Domes
What geodesic domes are and why they're cool, a quick introduction
Dome Portfolio
Pictures of some Dome projects built by Walt and his friends
Cats & Domes
The feline perspective on dome models and research -- don't miss it!
Walt's Toy Box
Some of the geometrical toys Walt uses in his dome research
Dome Glossary
A quick reference of dome terms, for the jargon-impaired!
Dome Connections
The obligatory page of links to other dome-related sites. The truth is out there!
Send email to Walt
He'd love to hear from you with comments about this site or if you just want to yak about domes.

Photo of Small PVC Dome

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