Cats & Domes

Cats have been curious about geometry since the days of ancient Egypt, when they were given little catnip-stuffed pyramids to play with. The modern cat uses the latest in modeling techniques to explore advanced dome structures. Let's see what those little furballs are up to...

Small Sleeping Dome

Walt's cousin Amy has a kitten who devised this small dome to keep pesky humans at bay while she's sleeping.

Photo of Little Kitty in Dome

Large Sleeping Dome

Walt's late cat Kitworth was no spring kitten, so she liked a bit more space to relax. She used her Zometool modeling kit to construct this upscale 6-frequency dome shelter.

Photo of Kitworth in 6f Dome

Omnihedron Model

Kitlet, Walt's older ex-cat, is resting after doing research on dome connector geometries. Here she illustrates her model of the "Omnihedron," a figure derived from the small rhombicosidodecahedron (one of these days we'll get Kitlet to explain just what thatis...). The model was also constructed using the awesome Zometool modeling kits.

Photo of Kitlet in Omnihedron Model

The Kitty Dome

Kitmight, Walt's younger ex-cat, takes a nap on top of his custom-built Kitty Dome. This dome started out with a normal round top, but Kitmight kept rolling off and requested a field modification for safer sleeping. The Kitty Dome is a 2-frequency octahedral dome. It is made out of pieces of corrugated cardboard fastened together with metal "paper clasps."

Photo of Kitmight on Kitty Dome

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