Alternative People

Ackel, Will
Creates marvelous computer renderings using sophisticated custom software that he wrote. He has experience with architectural, geometrical, and artistic subjects. For examples of his work, see the Zometool triangles illustration and the Zometool home page. He and his wife Leslie are shown below on their honeymoon on the last voyage of the Queen Elizabeth 2. You can visit his home page.
Photo of Will and Leslie
Van Allyn, Kirk
A geometry buff, craftsman, and artist with a long history of interesting projects, Kirk lives in the San Diego, California area. Walt and Kirk collaborated on a dome and geometry exhibit at the 1996 Earth Fair in San Diego. Before Walt left San Diego, they also worked together on domes made with fiberglass struts.
Photo of Kirk
Venable, Walt
The "Walt" in Walt's Dome Page. Walt works as a computer database programmer. There is a description and link to his resume on the Alternative Engineering main page.
Venable, Forrest
Forrest (center, almost 20) likes learning, studying languages (Latin, Greek, French, Spanish), philosophy, and Constitutional law. He is an avid reader and computer gamer.
Venable, Joshua
Joshua (left, 18) likes reading, playing computer games, and going to college.
Photo of Joshua, Forrest, & Walt

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